Manual Hand Pallet Truck

Weighing Pallet Truck

A weighing pallet truck combines 2 functions in one device: a pallet truck to move goods and a weighing system. This means you can weigh while transporting loads.

The main advantage is that the weighing pallet truck saves you time and extra costs: as there is no more need for a separate pair of scales, you no longer need to take your loads on a detour via a pair of scales. In other words, you let the weighing pallet truck perform the task for you.

When you use a weighing pallet truck for commercial purposes, a calibration certificate or legal-for-trade certificate is required. These certificates are also important to comply with the SOLAS legislation. The SOLAS legislation requires the gross weight of containers to be known before they are loaded onto ships.


Warranty: 1 year

Load capacity (kg): 2000

Lifting height (mm): 205

Length of the forks (mm): 1150

Width across the forks (mm): 555

Number of fork wheels: 4

Material of the steering wheel: rubber

Material of the weighing pallet truck: steel

Material of the pump: painted steel (casted)

Type of battery: 4x 1.5v (AA)

Accuracy (%): .1

Scale division: 0kg-200kg=0.2kg/200kg-500kg=0.5kg/500kg-2000kg=1kg


Additional Information


  • Time-saving since you no longer have to go to a floor scale
  • Cost-saving because of efficient weighing method
  • 4 weighing cells for an accurate weighing, integrated in the chassis
  • Calibrated means accurate measurements
  • Automatic sleep mode for lower battery consumption
  • Rechargeable battery (on selected models)
  • Made in Europe
  • Protection class IP65 ensures water resistance

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