Semi Electric Weighscale Pallet Truck

Weighscale Pallet Truck 1500kg

Weight Capacity : 1500kg

The Semi electric pallet truck is a must have if you are moving heavy loads multiple times a day. Moving heavy goods can be a intense and hard job if you have to do it all day. Pushing and pulling heavy loads all day can be hard strenuous work which is why we recommend this semi electric truck that has a electrician driver meaning you will not longer have to push or pull, its all controlled with a simply push of a button.

Opt for a semi-electric pallet truck with all the advantages of an electric pallet truck, but at a lower cost. This type is electrically driven but lifting happens manually. As the travel speed is higher, an emergency stop switch and foot protection are provided as standard to ensure your safety.

This model has a lithium battery powered weigh scale attached perfect for weighing all goods. If you need to transport or move a specific amount of weight this is the tool for the job. When you opt for this model you are choosing a truck with a long operating life span, easy and quick to recharge and friendly operating system.

This truck is a fantastic, reliable & minimum effort semi electric truck. Perfect for all uses.


Type of Control : Semi Electrical

Load capacity (kg) : 1500

Control of Gravity (mm) : 565

Colour : Red

Minimum Height (mm) : 90

Lifting Height (mm) : 200

Maximum Height (mm) : 1240

Length of Forks (mm) : 1150

Total Length (mm) : 1580

Thickness of Fork (mm) : 50

Total Width (mm) : 560

Width of Forks (mm) : 150

Width between the Forks (mm) : 150

Turning Circle (mm) : 1380

Number of Wheels : 4

Martial of Wheels : Polyurethane

Martial of Pallet Truck : Steel

Weighing System : Loading cells integrated with the Chassis

Battery Rechargeable : Yes

Type of Battery : 12V

Capacity of Battery (Ah) : 50

Accuracy (%) : 0.1

Scale Division : 0kg-200kg=0.2%/200kg-500kg=0.5%/500kg-1500kg=0.9%

Weight (kg) : 140

Other size fork lengths & widths are available. Please call our sale team for for information.


Additional Information


  • Manual lifting, electrical driving system allowing you to move faster and longer with no physical effort
  • Ergonomic design
  • Internal charger
  • Emergency stop
  • Foot protection
  • Small turning circle
  • Lithium Battery with longer lifespan
  • 2 speed driver allowing to move faster or slower depending on application

Available on request:

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Service & Repair packages are available upon request