Small Flat Bed Trolley

Small Trolley 250kg

Weight Capacity (kg) 250

The Platform trolleys also know as Flat bed trolleys enable you to easily move heavy goods around warehouse shops ect. This can be transport through narrow aisles making it useful through small spaces. Perfect for transporting furniture.

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Type of Hand Trolley : Small Flat Bed Trolley

Load capacity (kg): 250

Total Length (mm) : 950

Length of the Loading Platform (mm) : 850

Total Width (mm) : 496

Width of the Loading Platform (mm) : 500

Total Height (mm) : 961

Total Loading Height (mm) : 220

Material of Platform Trolley: Steel

Colour of Hand Trolley : Blue

Martial of Loading Platform : Wood

Number of Castor Wheels : 2

Diameter of Castor Wheels (mm) : 160

Number of Fixed Wheels : 2

Diameter of Fixed Wheels (mm) : 160

Type of Wheels : Rubber Wheels

Castor Brake : No

Weight ( kg ) : 22


Additional Information


  • Great for moving heavy goods through narrow small places
  • We can offer many different various of trolleys to meet your needs
  • Great for moving food & furniture around stores

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