Stair Climber Sack Truck

Standard Stair Climber 100kg

Weight Capacity (kg) 100

Looking for equipment to transport goods? We stock an extensive range of hand trolleys and rollers for different applications. Get the perfect hand trolley for your needs: they’re available in both fixed and folding versions. Perfect for transporting boxes and crates. A standard trolley will help you get the job done.

The Stair Climber sack truck allows you to pull the truck up and down stairs with minimal effort. Great for deliveries up & down buildings, warehouses & Estates. We can provide many different ranges of this truck. Please call our sales team for more information.


Type of Hand Trolley : Standard Stair Climber Truck

Load capacity (kg): 100

Total Height (mm) :: 1310

Total Width (mm) : 610

Width of Loading Platform (mm) : 250

Length of Loading Platform (mm): 300

Material of Hand Trolley: Steel

Colour of Hand Trolley : Green

Number of Tyres : 2

Type of Wheels : Pneumatique Wheels ( Other types of wheels available contact us for more information )

Diameter of Wheels (mm) : 250

Width of Wheels (mm) : 85

Weight ( kg ) : 20


Additional Information


  • Great for loading & unloading goods off vehicles
  • Light, Compact and easy to use
  • Can come with many different variants of wheels depending on your application
  • Many different designs to help make your transporting easier
  • This type of sack is designed for delivering goods up and down stairs when required.
  • Makes it very easy to pull goods up stairs & without marking floors & walls

Available on request:

Custom made solutions - speak to our Sales Team on 01992 535040

Service packages are available upon request