Electric Lift Table

Electrical Lift Table

Weight (kg) 500

Moving goods doesn’t have to be a difficult task, Handle loads easier with a practical lift table. It is the perfect ergonomic solution to lift any load up to 3000 kg..

We can also offer you electric versions, specially designed to deal with a variety of handling applications. These electric lift tables are always equipped with an emergency stop, located next to the lift and lower switches. These tables take all the Manuel pumping away and make it easier to lift heavier weights.


Type of Control: Electric

Load Capacity (kg) : 500

Maximmn Height (mm) : 1010

Minimum Height (mm) : 190

Length of the Platform (mm) : 1300

Total Width of the Lifting Table (mm) : 800

Width of Platform (mm) : 800

Material of the Lifting Table : Steel

Wheels Present : NO

Foot Brake : NO

Weight (kg) : 160

Other size & capacity lift tables available please contact for more information


Additional Information


  • A electric lift table can lift heavy duty goods with a push of a button. Please contact our sales team for more information.

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