Manual Lift Table

Standard 720mm Lifting Height

Weight 150kg

Moving goods doesn’t have to be a difficult task, Handle loads easier with a practical lift table. It is the perfect ergonomic solution to lift any load up to 3000 kg..

But why should you use a lift table? Placing products at an ergonomic height and improving the efficiency of operators are the two main reasons for using a lift table. The most important benefit is that you don't need to bend over to lift heavy goods, as a result of which the risk of a back or knee injury is significantly reduced.

Lift Tables are the perfect tool for moving lift goods around small & tight spaces. The lifting power is generated by a hydraulic cylinder, operated by a foot pump. Lowering is possible by using the lever attached to the handle. This equipment is specifically designed to lift goods and place or carry small items.


Type of Handle: Foldable Handle

Load Capacity (kg) : 150

Maximmn Height (mm) : 720

Minimum Height (mm) : 220

Total Length of the Lifting Table (mm) : 930

Length of the Platform (mm) : 700

Total Width of the Lifting Table (mm) : 450

Width of the Platform (mm) : 450

Material of the Lifting Table : Steel

Wheels Present : Yes

Foot Brake : Yes

Weight (kg) : 46

Other size lift tables available. See all options of lifting height (mm) below:

100728 Lift height 880mm

100729 Lift height 1300mm

All lift tables also available with higher load capacities . Contact our sales team for more information


Additional Information


  • Easy & fast lifting of goods with simply foot pedal
  • Small, Compact & easy to move around all types of warehouse environments
  • Equipped with a foot brake making the table stable

Available on request:

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